Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Uses and Abuses of Computer

“Computer” is a common name in our modern technology. It is one kind of Electronics Machine. Computer is invented by Howard Akin. Firstly Computer was made for counting. But now it is used for different kinds of works. It has two parts. They are Hardware & Software. It is not possible to describe the uses of Computer by a single word. If we look at the world we can see the people of the world are busy with their works. Their main target is that world must be digitized. Computer may make the world digital. A very difficult work may be easy by using computer. If we see all the offices and business center of the world we can realize that most of the time computer maintains the whole office and business center. Now the world is coming closer day by day. People can be higher educated under Computer Technology. By acquiring a proper knowledge of Computer People can get a good job in home and abroad. By making or developing software a computer Engineer can shine in life. People can study at home by the help of Computer. Even Computer is using in medical science. Software can make the impossible work possible.
It has some demerits. Young people use it for their only recreation. They lose their valuable times. They do not follow the cyber rules. In Internet some bad people called hacker who hack the web site by the help of computer & software.
In spite of some demerits it has great importance. Totally Computer has changed our life and civilization.
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