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IT/ Computer Science and Engineering common and Important short words and it’s full meaning

IT/ Computer Science and Engineering common and important short words and it’s full meaning-
কম্পিউটার সম্পর্কীয় কিছু সংক্ষিপ্ত শব্দ এবং এর পূর্ণরুপ-          

·       PC – Personal Computer
·       IT – Information Technology
·       ICT- Information and Communication Technology
·       CPU- Central Processing Unit
·       RAM- Random Access Memory
·       ROM- Read Only Memory
·       ALU- Arithmetic Logic Unit
·       OCT- Optical Character Recognition
·       OMR- Optical Mark Recognition
·       MICR- Magnetic Ink Character Reader
·       LAN- Local Area Network
·       MAN- Metropolitan Area Network
·       WAN- Wide Area Network
·       UTP- Unshielded Twisted Pair
·       FM- Frequency Modulation
·       AM- Amplitude Modulation
·       GSM- Global System for Mobile communication
·       CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access
·       MODEM- Modulation and Demodulation
·       Wi-Fi – Wireless Fidelity
·       NIC- Network Interface Card
·       MAC- Media Access Control
·       TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
·       SMTP- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
·       DHCP- Dynamic Host Control Protocol
·       HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
·       HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language
·       CSS- Cascade Style Sheet
·       SQL- Structured Query Language
·       DBMS- Database Management System
·       RDMS- Rational Database Management System
·       AVI- Audio Video Interface
·       URL- Uniform Resource Locator
·       VOIP- Voice Over Internet Protocol

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